Anymem: User-Friendly Translation Memory Software

Bolgarka Heindl Ubersetzungen Germany translation agency
Bridge Linguatec DBU United States translation agency
United States
Triangle Translations Int'l United States translation agency
United States
MorphoLogic Localisation Ltd. Hungary translation agency
S&H Entertainment Localization Germany translation agency
tranzX Hungary translation agency
Soror Language Services South Africa translation agency
South Africa
Mutscheller High-Tech Translation Agency Germany translation agency
Absolute Translations Ltd United Kingdom translation agency
United Kingdom



Click any of the screenshots below to view full image.

Translation memory in use AnyMem toolbar buil-in MS Word Connect document to AnyMem (User-friendly translation memory)

General view of AnyMem – User-Friendly Translation Memory in use.

AnyMem menu, built-in MS Word.

Connecting files for translation to AnyMem.

Translation memory template editor Search for terminology in translation memory Window alignment

Template editor window. How change the format of data displayed in Source and Translation memory fields.

Terminology Search window.

AnyMem and MS Word windows alignment.

Translation memory settings Add files to TM for analyzing Memory analyzing results

Configure translation memory window. Set segment rules, abbreviation list, ordinal followers, matching rules, colors, etc.

Add files for analyzing: obtaining count of full and fuzzy matches.

Result window of full and fuzzy matches.