Anymem: User-Friendly Translation Memory Software

AnyMem is a user-friendly translation memory software. AnyMem is compact, stable, easy to learn and to use. AnyMem CAT engine fully supports Unicode and can work with any language pair without the need of external components, like .NET Framework or Java Virtual Machine, commonly required by other translation memory software. 


  • Convenient translation memory management: translation memory is stored in a single MEM file, for more convenient exchange.
  • Export translation memory to TMX: translation memory can be exported to TMX 1.1, TMX 1.4.
  • Import translation memory from TMX or MS Word files: AnyMem 2.0 can import translation memory from a TMX 1.1, or TMX 1.4 file, or from a bilingual MS Word file.
  • Flexible text segmentation: configure exceptions to text segmentation rules by adding abbreviations and ordinal follower words.
  • Selective translation: translate only the text which must be translated by specifying styles of paragraphs, which are not to be translated.
  • Document CAT analysis: AnyMem 2.0 can analyze documents to determine the number of matching segments (complete and fuzzy match), and provide accurate CAT text count in words, segments or percent.
  • Terminology search: AnyMem 2.0 can search translation memory for matching segments which contain certain term.
  • Flexible data display: configure the way AnyMem 2.0 displays translation memory data with the help of templates.
  • Automatic window alignment: prepare AnyMem 2.0 and MS Word windows for work by correctly aligning them with a few clicks, and without the need to manually drag window borders
  • MS Word integration: quickly access most frequently used AnyMem 2.0 commands and functions directly from MS Word with the help of AnyMem 2.0 toolbar. You can also quickly run AnyMem 2.0 directly from MS Word.
  • Unicode support: AnyMem 2.0 CAT engine fully supports Unicode without the need to install additional library components (like.NET Framework or Java Virtual Machine) or switch your system locale.



Click any of the screenshots below to view full image.

Translation memory in use AnyMem toolbar buil-in MS Word Connect document to AnyMem (User-friendly translation memory)

General view of AnyMem – User-Friendly Translation Memory in use.

AnyMem menu, built-in MS Word.

Connecting files for translation to AnyMem.

Translation memory template editor Search for terminology in translation memory Window alignment

Template editor window. How change the format of data displayed in Source and Translation memory fields.

Terminology Search window.

AnyMem and MS Word windows alignment.

Translation memory settings Add files to TM for analyzing Memory analyzing results

Configure translation memory window. Set segment rules, abbreviation list, ordinal followers, matching rules, colors, etc.

Add files for analyzing: obtaining count of full and fuzzy matches.

Result window of full and fuzzy matches.