Anymem: User-Friendly Translation Memory Software

Localizers wanted!

AIT invites translators all over the world to take part in localization projects of qualitative software by AIT. If you believe that one of our products should be available in your native language you are the best person to make it happen!

Contact us to learn more about AnyMem localization.

Irresistible benefits

Working on localization project you may leave a memorable imprint on translation industry. You can get free absolute PR of you or your company as a localizer. Upon completion of localization project you

gain world-wide fame
The name of a localizer will be included to a Credits section of AnyMem, About, Help, and here, at AnyMem Web-site with short hyperlink to your Web-site.

earn reliable reputation
Don’t get surprised when you are ingulfed by translation and localization orders from customers after our cooperation!

get a free license of AnyMem
All of our localization partners receive a free AnyMem 2.0 - Personal license. Those who already benefit from AnyMem will be able to choose between license upgrades and licenses for other AIT software products.

Do you have a counteroffer? Contact us about AnyMem localization.